Monarch Thermal Kennel and Run System


"All under one woof!"


Why not have the full package? Why not have the full package with the UKs leading kennel manufacturers thermal kennels in it? There really is no comparison. 


Our thermal kennel and run systems are available in 3 different sizes : 


Medium Thermal Kennel - 1mW x 650mmD x 650mmH run area - 2.5m x 1m with full roof coverage.

Large Thermal Kennel - 1.2mW x 750mmD x 673mmH Run area - 2.5m x 1.2m with full roof coverage.

XL Thermal Kennel - 1.45mmW x 750mmD x 800mmH Run area - 2.5m x 1.5m with full roof coverage.


As standard you will receive not only a top quality product you also get: 

  • Full thermal insulated kennel box 
  • Kennel box comes with an anti slip plastic flooring
  • Removable windblank 
  • Raised lip to prevent bedding loss
  • Vent
  • Kennel is raised 50mm to prevent rising damp/cold
  • All exposed edges capped in high grade aluminium
  • Thermal properties within our material have been din tested
  • Glavanised mesh panels are used on the run area
  • Full solid galvanised back panel and 1m full solid end panels for ultimate protection 
  • Plastic coated roof sheets 


Thermal Kennel and Run System