UK's number 1 suppliers of thermal kennels and commercial kennel blocks to:

  • UK Police Forces 

  • MOD 

  • RAF 

  • Military

  • Fire Services 

  • HMPS and Rescue Services. ​​



Britain's leading thermal kennel manufacturers and global distributors.

We are a small family run business based in County Durham. We eat, sleep and breathe our dogs from working gun dogs to protection dogs we have an extensive knowledge in what a mans best friend requires when it comes to housing! When we sit down to design we put our own ideas together with you the customer to create a fully operational and efficient kennel system that works for you. We also work closely with each council around the UK to further our expertise on the Breeding and Boarding Regulations ensuring you are granted your licenses with ease!

We at Monarch offer everything from your first initial design, CAD drawings, Ground works, Providing you with all the regulations requirements, Manufacture, Deliver and Install.

Lastly we are the UK's leading manufacturers of thermal kennels, commercial kennel blocks and large kennelling projects. We are proud suppliers to the MOD, British Military, Police, RAF and Fire Services, providing high quality kennelling systems that are deployed all over the world! There really is no comparison.

Get in touch with our professional and friendly design team today on 01388 309 717

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